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The Kisses of the Moon

The Kisses of the moon  creations is for lovers - those are not fashion accessories but artistic mergers. Each piece is a mixture of vibrations.
When you choose a Kisses of the moon, it's because you have a crush.
He tells you a story and the music that resonates within you.

This is how art works. An image and music come to your date, take you by the hand and caresses your cheek.
It's an emotion that envelops you, a sensual, intimate relationship that is created between you and the object of your desire.
It's a strong erotic chemistry, a burning desire, that is much more enjoyable that it develops your desire.
When you wear it, only you know what it represents, because this relationship is unique, personal that others do not see.
The visual element, in relationship directly with you, opens the door of the memories, your lightning-like sensations, to your soul. It is your treasure.
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